Support emotional balance with healthy maintenance.

Having regular self-care treatments assist with keeping the body happy & healthy and promotes a positive wellbeing approach!

The mood can impact your daily life, so to balance the “mood emotion” will make your body feel calm, settled and grounded. The mood can also result in “physical symptoms” such as recurring colds, gut issues, stress, insomnia, fatigue, PMS and lower back ache.

In Chinese medicine we don’t only treat the symptom but most importantly the root cause of the symptom. This can be related to an emotion, so we treat both aspects – the emotion and the symptom will benefit from the treatment.

In our day to day life schedule, we are quite busy. But if we can have a regular “self-care wellbeing maintenance” me time, you will have a positive relationship to your body & mind, and will also look at your life and surroundings with gratitude!

We provide massage, acupuncture and both treatments together.