The process of pregnancy is unique, and each woman’s experiences will be different. I believe that Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful experience for both the mother and the baby, as this is the time for the mother to lie down and relax as this also gives her the time to reflect inwards and bond with her baby.

In the Pregnancy Massage, I use a deep relaxation technique to reduce stress levels as this helps to elevate the endorphin levels during pregnancy. The massage will assist in blood and fluid circulation to improve for: leg cramps, hip and/or sciatica pain, neck/shoulder tension, lower back pain, tiredness/fatigue, headache, anxiety and edemas. The Massage will further assist with deeper relaxation to bring further harmony during the pregnancy for you and the baby.


“I’ve been seeing Maria throughout my pregnancy for regular massage. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and has a gentle supportive approach by listening and incorporating my various needs. I highly recommend!”

The Pregnancy Massage is in side-lying position, we prop up with enough pillows making sure that you are very comfortable! Some Aroma oil can be added for freshness like lemon and mandarin.

From week 36, specific Aromatherapy Oils are introduced. The oil blend is safe from this time and it helps to further increase the endorphin hormone, giving your muscles a deeper relaxation.

pregnancy massage benefits

  • Encourages relaxation and reduces stress

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation

  • Reduces pain

  • Minimizes varicose veins

  • Reduces blood pressure/hypertension

  • Relieves muscular fatigue and cramping

  • Improves energy levels

  • Minimizing stretch marks

  • Relieves depression and anxiety

  • Stimulates glandular secretion that assists in balancing hormone levels