For us women the importance of keeping our body and mind well balanced and nourished. We are busy from our working schedule, running the household, driving the kids around, an over-scheduled lifestyle and stress.

By not taking care of yourself and scheduling in some “me time” you can get overwhelmed, tired, have poor sleep, feel stressed, suffer from anxiety, have headaches and mood swings. This leads into a pattern and becomes part of your normal lifestyle, as we generally tend to get on with it.

Having scheduled “me time” as a health maintenance will assist you in stabilising any arising symptoms so you can feel and be nourished, balanced and have energy resources – to continue with your lifestyle feeling happy, resourceful and grounded.

We treat with Acupuncture, Nutrition advice and Herbs if needed to a specific symptom to alleviate and boost the system.

We offer massage therapy or acupuncture on it’s own, or combine massage and acupuncture into one treatment to experience the benefits of both therapies, all in the one visit.