Nutrition Advice

Nutrition advice is given to further support any symptoms you need to address. It also gives you a better understanding of how you can assist your body to better health with food, drink and nutrition.

Chinese medicine classifies foods in terms of their properties and their effect on all of the major systems of the body. By applying the correct food to the symptom the body will quicker repair itself. The major energy source sits in our stomach, so it is very important that we choose the nutrition that is vital to our body to feel and be its best!

Digestive power is a combination of balanced nutrition, harmonious thinking, constitutional strength as well as spiritual vigor.

For those on the path to getting healthy, it is important to focus on strengthening immunity to disease, increasing clarity in thinking and an enhanced constitutional energy as a source of vitality. This can all be achieved by choosing nutrition that is easily digestible to the stomach so it can be processed into blood and energy that your body needs to live and be at its optimum.

I will give you a template based on your symptoms that needs assistance with selection of food, comments of what is needed with the food, style of cooking and what needs to be restricted or avoided. This will give you a broader view of what food and liquid you could consume to be and feel your best self!