During spring it’s time to refresh, recharge, cleanse your body mind and bring clarity to the spirit!

We cleanse and activate our body to approach lighter and brighter for the summer!

WOOD is the phase of spring the east and the rising sun the reality of the gigantic forces that reawaken within the planet after their winter rest. Wood is the symbol of primeval rebirth, it represents the directional movement of existence itself – being.

The Liver’s function of storing the blood enables it to control the nourishment of the tendons and ligaments, the nervous system and major muscle systems.
The Liver has its own Qi that flows through the other organs, allowing an easy and smooth flow. The sensory organ for effective activity is the eyes, which are the opening of the Wood/Liver.
“The liver receives blood so there is sight; the legs receive blood so you are able to walk; the hands receive blood so you are able to grip; the fingers receive blood and they are able to grasp”

Qi invigorates and Blood nourishes

WOOD – Spring – Wind – East – Birth – Green blue – Sour – Liver – Gallbladder – Eyes – Sinew – Anger – Benevolence

Basic of the Liver:

  • The liver governs free coursing of qi, it also stores the blood and further governs the sinews, and its bloom is in the nails and opens into the eyes.
  • The liver governs free coursing of the qi and stores and releases the blood, the heart moves the blood.
  • Some symptoms that can be related to unbalanced liver; anger, headache, depression, melancholy, high blood pressure, dizziness, redness of face, muscle spasm, eye problem, pain in ribs.

As we do SPRING CLEANING in our own home, this means to also do Spring Cleaning in our BODY, and as Liver is during spring we cleanse our Liver, to rectify the energy flow to smooth and free flowing, clearing any stuck energy and heat. So how can we spring clean our liver? This is done via diet, exercise, lifestyle adjustments and reordering in your life, what can you change, shift to the better, that doesn’t agree with you any more…? Especially things that brings out anger, resentment, melancholy, procrastination in your life, what can be changed for you to move forward freely!

DIET/SEASON during spring we should not overeat, as the liver rules the free coursing of qi and blood. If we overeat, it will block the free flow of qi that can result in harming the liver, causing the liver to be stagnant.

It is recommended; to eat small meals, light and mildly spicy, no junk food and avoid over eating. The style of cooking is stir fry, poaching, steaming, high in vegetables, low in carbohydrate and meats. Fresh green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, beetroot, watermelon, fish, leek, chives, basil, mint.

To Avoid; saturated fats, oils, cheese, egg, cream, ice cream, pizza, chillies, hot chips, alcohol, raw vegetables and juices.

EXERCISE/ LIFESTYLE Yoga, meditation, relaxed walking, work schedule balanced, hobbies that brings you joy, acupuncture, massage, herbs for 1-3 month’s to cleanse the liver.

REORDERING in your life, a basic way to start is to look into areas in your life, example; work/ carrier, relationships with partner/ friends, health, do you communicate/ express openly. Are you grateful? Do you practice stillness? Do you feel genuine and have compassion in what you do? Write down and keep it honest to yourself, what areas in your life could need some clean up, what is not to your benefit, areas that keeps resentment/anger in you – what can you do to change it? This can be done ongoing as you peel more layers each time and you will come closer to your true self!

By following the steps above, even some that resonates with you. Can only assist you to feel and be more open – awake – balanced – happy – charged – alive.

In my practice I highly regard to give my clients advice of Nutrition and Lifestyle adjustments to their presenting concern together with the treatment, so the person can be resilient, feel and be fully in charge of their own health and live life to their fullest potential.