A women’s body will slowly start to change when the menstruation comes to an end and a new phase begins.

You can experience that the body wants to slow down, have a less busy lifestyle, seeking for internal balance and to take care of yourself. Perhaps to experience vitality, age well, weight balanced and just feeling like yourself!

The common symptoms that occur are hot flushes, hormonal changes, migraine, weight gain, fatigue, unsettled sleep, to feeling moody, angry, stressed and anxious.

At this passage in your life – it is important to listen to what your body needs !

There are simple things that you can do to keep your body and mind in balance.

What is recommended?

The body’s energy source is not at its full capacity as when you were 20-30-40 years old. So it is important to listen and embrace your capacity.

Diet, it is recommended to avoid processed food, fried/spicy food, wine and coffee. Stimulating food passed 5pm, to not aggravate the internal system prior bed time.

Include, high nutrients food of fat and protein to balance the hormones. Fermented soy (takes the toxins out) such as tamari, tempeh, natto and miso. A diet high in antioxidants such as berries, (smoothie), green leafy vegetables (not raw), dark cocoa, walnuts, green tea, kiwi, pear, banana, grape, red cabbage, sage tea, flax seed oil, calcium, vit C. These foods assist in hot flushes.

Adrenal fatigue, moderation of salt/sodium, magnesium, vit C/A/D/B5,6, butter, fish eggs, cheese, cod liver oil, liver pate, eggs, gee.

Coffee, is a liver blocker – meaning that it controls the smooth flow of qi/blood and regulates the heat. Excess coffee blocks and constricts the natural flow of the body system, and the result is hot flushes, unsettled sleep and emotional outbursts. Coffee can also bring incontinence.

In Chinese medicine, leading into ending of menstruation the blood reaches to its end and comes into a Yin phase. Yin thrives best in cool, moist, calm and balance. Therefore the Nutrition and the lifestyle to support this is recommended.

Lifestyle, it is recommended to not exhaust yourself, to keep a well moderate balanced approach into your daily schedule. Example, to not have plenty on the “ daily to do list “, not skipping meals, regular bed time – lights out by 10pm, meditation, read a book, walking, yoga (not bikram), gentle exercises. At 1pm have a 20-30minute lay down, to relax before the rest of the day’s to-do-list.

Be observant and see what is helping you!

Wellbeing Acupuncture together with Herbs for Menopause. Will assist your body and mind to any symptoms arising, bringing your body back to balance.

“keep your body well hydrated – it likes to be nice and cool”